We are all familiar with the classic children’s story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” where a greedy little caterpillar ploughs his way through mountains of food, only to take a nap and then re-emerge two weeks later in the form of a beautiful butterfly, we learn from a very early age how normal reinvention is in the animal kingdom with tadpoles turning into frogs, caterpillars into butterflies and so on but what about us? We go from baby into child and then become adults and then what? It is said that a person will re-invent themselves three times during the course of their adult life and that can be in any form from a dramatic new haircut, a change of career or even moving to a different city or country. Re-invention can be the byproduct of a sad situation, it can even become the “upside”. Celebrities are constantly re-inventing themselves and Madonna is even said to be the Queen of reinvention with a new look and style almost every year of her lengthy career so far. To re-invent is to stay alive and remain vibrant.

Feeling the need to rejuvenate and refresh also applies in the word of business and takes place in the form of rebranding.

How do you know when it’s time to rebrand? Well despite what you may think, it’s not because your brand has remained the same for a number of years, in fact, if it’s not broken then there’s no need to fix it and the length of time something has remained the same shouldn’t be the main reason for a rebrand. A brand is not your company name, logo, tagline or the newest marketing campaigns, what a brand is, is your company’s or products identity. Before rebranding, analyse if you’re failing to reach your target market and why. Is your target market ignoring you or unaware of what you’re offering? You may have an identity problem and this is when rebranding can help. Unsure of where to begin with this process? Here are a few things to take into consideration;

Customer feedback: Ask your customers, both current and prospective what they think, feel and expect when they see your name or products. Find out what’s not working. Find the part of your brand that is failing to connect you to your target market – you aren’t going to know what you need to change until you figure out what is failing to connect the target market that you desire so much to the brand that you want them to notice.

Develop your identity: Your brand look, feel and message should tie together in one cohesive story and should filter down through all of the forms of communication within the new brand, the website, social media platforms, sales tools and signage. Make sure every employee understands them and can communicate them effectively. Never stop supporting and promoting your brand: The success of a brand is evident in the marketplace with real ongoing relationships with customers but don’t just support your business when the going is good, study after study shows that brands consistently supported during a down cycle gain the greatest sales and market share when the economy turns up.

Be consistent and persistent: Don’t rebrand today and then tomorrow refer to things that point to the way your brand used to be. Commit to building your rebrand and if you’re doing it for the right reasons then you won’t need to second guess yourself if you become the new brand that you want to be then eventually people will follow. Once you have decided who and what you want to be, do not change it except for tweaks and slight adjustments. Apparently, it takes 10-12 ‘touches’ for a customer to even notice you in the first place. Once you’ve started, don’t stop, you’ll probably think that everyone has seen your new brand but the truth is, they won’t have.

So with all the excitement surrounding the re-birth of your brand, why not invest in some branded gifts so that you can show off all of your hard work to your clients and get yourself noticed all over again in your new fresh, revitalised way! One of the best products for this job is the humble pen, they are useful to everyone and one of the most “borrowed” items in the office which is great for you as your brand will be getting re-circulated without you even trying! Here at BTL Branding, we have a vast assortment of pens in different quality and price brackets to suit both the image of your brand and your budget. And to make life easier for you during this busy time of transition, we have put together six handy Pen Bundles ready to be adorned with your companies brand and logo. The Bundles are available to order in two size quantities so there’s no need to trawl through our pen range looking for the perfect one. If you’d rather take your time browsing the range then here are our best selling pens and they are all available in a selection of colours to tie in with your new look.

We have pens in either plastic or metal and some even have a handy stylus on the end!

Cayman Ball Pen (nine colours to choose from)

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Dime Ball Pen (available in six colours)

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Koda Colour Ball Pen (available in 14 colours)

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Crystal HL (available in 3 colours)

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GTX Softfeel Stylus Ball Pen (available in five colours)

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Senator Dart Polished Ball Pens (available in bundles of 500 or 1000)

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Aladdin Soft feel Ballpens – engraved (available in bundles of 500 or 1000)

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Parker Vector Rollerball. Ten colours to choose from (available in bundles of 500 or 1000)

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If you are planning a rebrand and need some cool new branded gifts for your clients then visit www.btlbranding.co.uk to browse our range of items or select your bundle and if a client’s pen goes “missing” then it may as well feature your new brand!