Products we can choose to help keep our planet beautiful

According to WWF, we are the first generation to realise that we are destroying the world and we could be the last to save it. Here at BTL Branding we are more aware of that than ever.  Every single thing that we acquire has an environmental footprint and could potentially end up in landfill. Plastic is polluting our oceans at an alarming rate and is having a drastic impact on marine life. We can recycle as much as possible and the practice of up- cycling means that we can turn old items into something new. Almost anything can be up-cycled, from glass jars and tins to old jeans and furniture. As well as products that we buy, food is also wasted so if possible, try to use leftovers and compost any that you can – try to waste as little food as possible and let’s make wasting our resources unacceptable in all aspects of our lives.

Awareness has grown in recent years of the issues surrounding plastic waste, which includes polyethylene-lined disposable coffee cups. These disposable cups are made from paper which can be recycled but the problem lies with the inside which is often lined or coated with plastic or wax to prevent liquid from leaking out or soaking through – this is the part that cannot be recycled and it will take 30 years for most of these types of cups to decompose.  As a supplier of all types of branded gifts, these products are all things that we are familiar with at BTL Branding.  We are always looking for environmentally friendly substitutes to try and help the environment which are all available in the Eco Friendly section of our website.

Way back in 2011, it was estimated that 2.5 billion coffee cups were thrown away each year and that figure is likely to have risen. Our favourite coffee sellers including Costa and Starbucks say they will recycle coffee cups but that’s only if they are disposed of in store but the fact that these are designed to ‘take away’ makes it obvious that this won’t happen very often. Taking your own cup along is the solution to this problem and many of us would like to see the disposable coffee cup disappear altogether, I don’t think it would be long before we all got used to that.  We offer several options of mugs and reuseable cups that are available in various sections of our BTL Branding website

Carrier bags are another culprit when it comes to single use items and their effect on the environment. The negative effect that plastic bags have on animals is tragic. On land they are consumed by animals, just like in the ocean. Animals eat food wrappers, waste, and plastic bags, leading to digestive problems that can cause death. Animals suffer huge consequences because we are not disposing of our plastic waste correctly.  At BTL Branding we have various alternatives to plastic bags in our bags section on or website that will help make a positive difference.

The scale of the challenges facing our planet are astronomical and our role in saving Earth can seem daunting but we can all do something.

We can help you to chose eco friendly branded gifts for your clients in our new section on our website.  These items have all been carefully selected and are not only popular and look good, but also made from recycled materials.

Some examples of our Eco Friendly products are:

Green & Good Bamboo Fibre Travel mug



Green & Good Full Colour Plastic Coasters – Recycled



Green & Good A4 Polypropylene Wire Notebooks – Recycled



Green & Good A5 Polypropylene Wire Notebooks – Recycled




Green & Good Covered Sticky Note Books 5×3” – Recycled



We also have a large selection of pens made from recycled materials, here are a few examples – the only thing that could improve them would be the addition of your brand or logo!

Green & Good Highlighter Pen – Recycled PET


Green & Good Litani Pen – Clear Blue – Recycled



Green & Good Danube Pen – Sustainable Wood



We also have a vast array of reusable bags and cups so head over to and take a look at the items that are available to order and let’s save our beautiful planet one pen, bag and cup at a time!