Why are our products so cost-effective?

One of the most overlooked and underrated marketing mistakes is to not invest in branded merchandise for your company. The use of promotional products is one of the most cost-effective methods of reaching more customers and driving brand awareness. Investing in branded gifts for clients and potential clients is an extremely effective marketing tactic and here are the reasons why;

  • Low cost – Great return. You will reach a wider number of potential clients just from handing out pens! Who doesn’t love a free pen?
  • Brand awareness – We bet that you can recall the logo on the mug that you drank your coffee from this morning or the reusable shopper that’s tucked away inside your bag…
  • Customer loyalty – Giving high quality branded gifts is a reflection on the level and quality of service that a client can expect to receive when working with your company.

Branded gifts are highly visible and naturally tangible – try using them in place of a business card. 9 out of 10 people in the UK said that they’re more likely to remember a brand if they have a promotional item rather than a business card and since over 71% of consumers admit to throwing away business cards within the first month of receiving them but they will hold on to a promotional item for an average of two years, giving a branded gift instead suddenly makes a lot more sense.

With a reported 57% of people being able to recall the advertiser on their mug, why wouldn’t you want that ‘advertiser’ to be your company or brand?

Products in the industry can range in price for consumers from 10p to £1,000 however the average cost of promotional products is near £1 which means when you look at it like this, the cost-effectiveness of the concept can begin to be seen.

Head over to one of our two websites to take a look at the extensive selection of items that we have for you to choose from.

The first website http://btl.prod-cat.com/ is an online catalogue for you to browse through, this will show you the entire selection of items but if you’d prefer a quicker process, then take a look at our second website https://btlbranding.co.uk which is the online shop where you can choose from ready-made bundles of relevant items which we have hand-picked for you. Our bundles are available in several different sizes depending on the quantity that you require representing excellent value for money.

All you have to do is show us an example of your logo/brand and we will do the rest including colour matching.

Here’s a selection of items that are currently proving very popular with our clients:

 btl branding edinburgh cotton shopper

Chow Shopper – available in four colours

cotton shopper btl branding edinburgh

Trafford Foldable Shopper – ten colours to choose from

 btl branding edinburgh mug promotional

Huge Bone China Mug – a fantastic choice that will make your brand stand out

 btl branding edinburgh travel mug

Pocket Cup – 355ml collapsible cup

 btl branding edinburgh bags promotional

Weybridge Drawstring Bag – 6 different colours to choose from

 btl branding edinburgh bags promotional

Electra Drawstring Bag – 5oz natural coloured cotton drawstring bag