Media for brand promotion – Media Production Show at Olympia London

On the 11th and 12th June this year, The Media Production Show will take place at Olympia London. The media Production Show is an annual two-day event which will showcase the biggest line up of leading industry speakers who will be there to cover all of the latest hot topics, kit launches and new and exclusive production services to all of those working in the creative industries, from television and film, to documentaries, commercials and music videos to name a few. The Show will present the highest level of content and brands seen anywhere in the UK this year.

So let’s talk about the best type of media for brand promotion.

Social Media

Not just for the kids, social media is an effective way to promote your brand, it is highly valuable and free! If you are not connected to social media you may lose your own clients to a company that is. Social media can be confusing if you are not already familiar with it and the range of platforms can seem bigger by the day. Not every platform will be suitable for your brand or company so you will have to do your homework in order to discover which one fits your brands image best. Currently the most popular online media sites that are being used for business don’t cost anything, these are Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Facebook and Linkedin do have upgraded versions that will cost you something but the basic versions are the best place to get started and they are free. This is definitely more cost effective than spending money on online advertising techniques like Pay Per Click or banner ads which will soon eat away at your marketing budget.

Be sure to make your social media presence consistent across all platforms, you absolutely do not want each account to look as though it is owned by a different company – keep your visuals and message the same, this will gain you recognition the more your brand is ‘seen’.


The use of printed materials is rapidly falling out of fashion due to the digital age and our increasing environmental awareness. In rural communities and those with poor or no internet connection, the telephone book is still very much in use and newspapers are still proving a popular way to catch up on the latest happenings – particularly with the older generation who prefer a more traditional approach, so you definitely wouldn’t be wasting your time if you chose to pay for advertising in this format. Lots of magazines have moved their content online in order to target their chosen demographic and this is without a doubt the way forward in terms of printed media. Billboards are still being used in order to target drivers however these are also appearing in a digital format so that multiple advertisements can be shown all in one place.


A fifteen second advert on a local radio station is an excellent way of getting your message across when targeting a key demographic. Radio stations and their various programmes are often limited to a particular genre of music or chat and their listeners will likely posses the same characteristics, this makes a radio marketing campaign a highly successful one. Just make sure you do your research thoroughly before committing – you wouldn’t want your hard work to fall on deaf ears!


Undoubtedly the most expensive form of advertising, putting an advert on television will require considerable research and preparation. There is a lot to think about if you want to go down this route. Peak time viewing of your target consumer needs to be established as well as the production of the commercial, infomercial or product placement. Despite our obsession with the internet, television remains the most powerful form of marketing. Purchasing ad time is a huge investment for small and mid-size companies so a well -planned marketing campaign is essential.

Direct Mail

Direct mail in the form of flyers, letters and catalogues is still a successful way to reach a target consumer. There is popular opinion that lots of this will go straight into the recycling bin rendering it an inefficient practice but most of it is seen and people still do love to flick through a little catalogue or take note of a money off voucher if one pops through the letterbox. Many successful direct mail marketers employ highly sophisticated marketing techniques to use detailed profiles of potential customers in order to improve conversion rates. Direct mail continues to be effective due to the value of tangible advertisements.

No matter which form of media you chose to use to promote your business, a strong brand identity is crucial if you want to be recognised. This is why choosing promotional gifts from us at BTL Branding is an invaluable and worthwhile investment to compliment other marketing strategies and strengthen your brand. Promotional gifts are so versatile and with such broad choice that they can be selected to go with any other type of marketing. For example, a phone or computer accessory to go with a social media campaign, a giveaway to be given as a gift with purchase in a magazine you are also advertising in, headphones or a portable radio to go along with a radio advert campaign or flat items in direct mail campaigns such as a lightweight pen, keyring or even a flat chocolate bar or a bookmark. At BTL Branding we have all of these products and more for you to have personalised with your own logo and brand. Our branded gifts are of the highest quality and available in pre-selected bundles, where we make the best choices for you or of course, you can custom select products of your own choice from the extensive range in our online catalogue which can be found here

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