Diaries are alive and kicking!

Do you remember life before your smartphone? When you probably owned a Filofax or diary, with all of your important information jotted down on the relevant pages, clear and concise and easy to find at a moment’s notice. The pages contained useful lists of books you wanted to read, films to see, restaurants to visit and not to mention all of your contacts names, addresses and phone numbers and also appointments made and meetings planned.  Here at BTL Branding we offer a great selection of various sizes of branded diaries.

Keeping a work diary is a simple yet effective technique to improve nearly every aspect of your 9-5 life, and it can be useful to have a separate one that is used for work only so that you can keep your personal thoughts apart from your work-life. Your work diary will act more like a calendar in that it will vary from week to week and month to month. You use your work diary to write down to-do’s, meetings, appointments, tasks and insights relating only to work – it will be personal but professional. It shouldn’t contain anything you wouldn’t want your boss to know!

Do you ever wonder what exactly it was that you achieved today when you were so busy rushing around from meeting to meeting or from one chore to another? Well, your diary will show you exactly what is was you achieved! You will have a clear picture about what it was that filled the last 40+ hours of your week and will give you a valuable insight into how you can streamline and improve your life and organisational skills for the better. Your work diary will help you to negotiate your next promotion or pay rise with more ease, you will be able to show your boss your diary that is brimming with all of the projects that you have worked on and the clients you have gained and people trained and any time you went above and beyond the duties outlined in your original job description. By keeping a record you’ll save yourself time, you won’t have to rack your brains trying to remember where you were and who you spoke to, all you’ll have to do is look back through your diary and it’ll all be right there!

A branded diary from BTL Branding will help to keep you organised and on top of things, the physical act of writing something down onto a piece of paper cements thoughts into our heads in a way that typing it into a smartphone just won’t do. Scientific research has shown that for most people the act of recording dates, meetings, deadlines and appointments in a digital format just does not produce the same sense of memory recall as putting pen to paper.

Now that you are itching to start a journal or diary of your own, feast your eyes on this selection of diaries and pens that are available to order from BTL Branding, with your company logo or brand printed on them so not only will your clients be more mindful, but they will keep you and your business in mind too and not only that, when they get their diary out during a meeting or their journal out on a train, they will be advertising for you at the same time without even realising!

All items are available to view at btl.prod-cat.com or in bundles from btlbranding.co.uk we are waiting to work with you to create the gift of organisation for your clients!


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