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Bespoke Branded Pens

Everyone needs a pen so it’s not surprising they are a popular choice for any type of business. We have pulled together the most popular pen styles in a great selection of colours to compliment your logo and make your brand as eye catching as possible.

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1. Choose Your Bundle

Choose from our range of brandable products, or one of our value bundles, add to your basket and checkout.

2. Send Us Your Graphics

During the checkout process there is an option to send us your graphics and colour choices for printing.

3. Approve The Proofs

We'll colour match products to your brand, prepare a visual showing your logo on the product and send you the design proofs to approve before printing.

4. Receive Branded Items

Your new branded gear will arrive.

Choose Your Pens

Pens have been used as marketing gifts as far back as anyone can remember. The reason for this is that in terms of brand promotion they work! It is estimated that the average pen has 7 owners in it’s lifetime which means that it is also being seen by an infinite number of people in addition to this.

Having a good quality pen is essential to represent your brand which is why we have hand picked the best quality tried and tested pens to offer you. There are so many pens to choose from and we believe it is important to have one that represents quality and reliability, key factors any business would want to portray. This is an item that offers a cost effective marketing benefit. Our selection of pens include premium quality Parker Pens that can be laser engraved for a high quality effect as an exclusive gift. These come in different colour options so as with all our other products, can be matched to your corporate colours. We have also chosen a selection from Senator Pens which are good quality German made pens that come in a wide range of mix and match colours as well as the popular curvy ball pen which has an option with a useful stylus on the end. People generally don’t buy pens but they are something that everyone uses every day so what better opportunity to put your brand directly in to their hands.

Our pens are either printed or engraved on to the barrel and the method used for printing is screen printing. Screen printing is very accurate, not only in terms of matching the colour of your logo but also to allow precise printing of edges and lines for a crisp finish to your design. Pens are such a popular choice for businesses and a lot of times are used instead of a business card as they will either be used, left on a desk ,a car or kept in a pocket or drawer for when they are needed. Either way, they will be visible to many people as an advert to promote your brand. When choosing a pen, think of your target audience, do you want volume and a lower costing pen that will be circulated between many people in it’s lifetime or are you looking for an executive gift that will be seen as a symbol of luxury and can be used to impress in a smaller meeting. Whichever option you choose we will have a pen to suit you.