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Bespoke Branded Lanyards

Lanyards are a must have for any conference and exhibition are often given out with identity badges for delegates to wear. We have selected the most popular styles that all come in a wide range of colours that we will match to your brand. Our lanyards come with a clip on the end to attach passes to as well as a safety release catch. Our branded lanyards have a range of branding options that can achieve the absolute best design to maximise the impact of your brand.

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1. Choose Your Bundle

Choose from our range of brandable products, or one of our value bundles, add to your basket and checkout.

2. Send Us Your Graphics

During the checkout process there is an option to send us your graphics and colour choices for printing.

3. Approve The Proofs

We'll colour match products to your brand, prepare a visual showing your logo on the product and send you the design proofs to approve before printing.

4. Receive Branded Items

Your new branded gear will arrive.

Choose Your Lanyards

Lanyards are always needed at events such as conferences, hospitality events, music events, sports events and also just to wear every day in your place of work to display your ID badge. Often people will put their lanyard with their pass on in the morning and wear it for the whole day, including a trip to the sandwich shop at lunch time and on their journey to and from wherever they may be heading that day.

The lanyard is positioned at eye level since it is worn around the neck and therefore it would be difficult for anyone who engages with the wearer to miss it. This is exactly the reason why branded lanyards are such a great marketing tool. We can print your logo along the entire length of the lanyard which means that however it is being worn, your logo will be seen.

Branded lanyards are great value for money as they can be used time and time again which means that your logo is being given lots of exposure over a prolonged period of time. Branded lanyards are not just a great marketing tool, they can also play an important part in security at events and in the workplace. Unlike an ID badge that may not be clearly visible at first glance, the branded lanyard is instantly recognisable which means that so too is anyone who is not wearing the correct lanyard design to match to a particular event or workplace.

A lot of the time a business will use different coloured lanyards for people to wear to correspond with their different role within a business or event. Customers are reassured when they see members of staff wearing something that identifies them to that business and this promotes trust between the business and the consumer which in turn leads to more business and therefore more profit. The printed lanyard can have a similar effect on members of staff as wearing a uniform giving them a sense of being part of a team which can contribute to increased productivity.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to branded lanyards as they can be made from various fabrics including polyester and also silicon and they can be printed using several different printing methods to ensure they convey your brand or event message in an eye catching way. Printing methods for the lanyards vary from a single colour print to a full colour print to the most personalised effect of all which is dye sublimation printing. Dye sublimation printing is where the entire length and width of the lanyard is printed in a full colour detailed design on both sides of the lanyard. Whether your message on the lanyard is a simple logo or phrase printed in a simple colour or a more intricate design, we will have a lanyard style that achieve the effect you are looking for and suit the purpose for which you are using them.