Branded Keyrings

Bespoke and handy, our keyrings will make sure your brand is always on display

Personalised Keyrings to Suit Every User

Keyrings are, useful, versatile and used by everyone so why not have your logo printed on some to give to your clients and potential clients as a gift? At BTL Branding, we have a wide range of keyrings made from metal, plastic, rubber each with versatile branding options including, print, moulding and resin doming. Branded keyrings from BTL Branding offer a cost effective and flexible marketing solution.

How To Order



1. Choose Your Bundle

Choose from our range of brandable products, or one of our value bundles, add to your basket and checkout.

2. Send Us Your Graphics

During the checkout process there is an option to send us your graphics and colour choices for printing.

3. Approve The Proofs

We'll colour match products to your brand, prepare a visual showing your logo on the product and send you the design proofs to approve before printing.

4. Receive Branded Items

Your new branded gear will arrive.

About Our Branded Keyrings

Branded keyrings are one of the most popular marketing gifts. They are small, useful and easily adapted to your brand. At BTL Branding, our keyrings can be made from various types of materials and can be made in different shapes including custom made originals. We also offer keyrings that double as torches, bottle openers, measuring tapes and many other useful items such as USB’s. The other thing that makes branded keyrings a good choice is that they are used by pretty much any age of person no matter whether they are a school child, student, young adult, professional or retired. Branded keyrings are a constant reminder of your company, business or charity to the recipient. In addition to holding keys, branded keyrings can be used to attach many other items and are also often seen hanging from bags which is great because it means lots and lots of people are seeing the keyring and therefore seeing your company logo.

Branded Keyrings are a great choice for a low cost give away and can be easily transported to an event or exhibition and take up a relatively small amount of storage space. Branded keyrings are also a good option for a mailer campaign as they can be made to measure using light weight materials that can be posted more cheaply than other items.

A popular choice of keyring with charities is the trolley coin keyring. These allow you to have your charity’s details on display and can be sold for the cost of the coin that would otherwise be used in the trolley. Everyone wins! The user has a coin they can use over and over again and will always have handy for their supermarket trolley whereas the charity or business selling the keyring makes a profit on the sale price as well as having their logo on display to advertise their cause.

USB’s are a great choice of keyrings also as they can be used time and time again by the recipient. Another great idea is to load your company logo or short presentation on to the USB before it is given away. This means that your logo acts as a reminder on the keyring but also the information stored on the USB is visible every time it’s plugged in.

Whether it be a functional keyring or simply one that looks nice and complements your brand identity, it can be used not only to link any two items together in a practical sense but also to link your brand with the user in a marketing sense.