Branded Diaries

Create the bespoke gift of organisation for your clients

Personalised Diaries in a Size to Suit Every User

A diary is always useful whether it is to plan upcoming events or to log events or meetings that have taken place. At BTL Branding we offer a selection of diaries that come in various sizes to suit the purpose of your client. All our diaries can be embossed with your logo or details on the cover to make them eye catching and personal.

How To Order



1. Choose Your Bundle

Choose from our range of brandable products, or one of our value bundles, add to your basket and checkout.

2. Send Us Your Graphics

During the checkout process there is an option to send us your graphics and colour choices for printing.

3. Approve The Proofs

We'll colour match products to your brand, prepare a visual showing your logo on the product and send you the design proofs to approve before printing.

4. Receive Branded Items

Your new branded gear will arrive.

Choose Your Diary

The good thing about a branded diary as a corporate gift is that it is versatile in that it can be used by an individual but can also be shared by a team of people. Either way, it will be used for a whole year and will display your logo to the user and others around them for a whole year.

At BTL Branding, our diaries come in a range of sizes and can be suitable for any purpose. The diaries can be small pocket ones that are carried around by the user and come in varying sizes up to a large desk diary that may be shared by a team.

Diaries are a really cost efficient way of advertising as they are seen by many people over the course of a whole year and this means your branding will be kept in the forefront of their mind for this time since a diary is used repeatedly.

The best time to start handing out diaries is around October time, this is when people start having dates for the following year that they need a diary to put in. You don’t want to be too late or they will have started using another diary or too early and they’ll forget about your one. Once the recipient has started to use your diary then that is the choice made and your diary will be kept to hand for the next year.

Diaries from BTL Branding include personalisation by foil blocking to the cover. This is a tasteful way of branding the diary and can achieve results to match any brand identity. They are the perfect gift as they are used regularly and kept safe which exactly what you want for your brand.