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Bespoke Branded Bags

Cotton shoppers and drawstring bags are a useful and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags and can be used time and time again. We will print your company logo on them to instantly create a walking advert for your brand.

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How To Order



1. Choose Your Bundle

Choose from our range of brandable products, or one of our value bundles, add to your basket and checkout.

2. Send Us Your Graphics

During the checkout process there is an option to send us your graphics and colour choices for printing.

3. Approve The Proofs

We'll colour match products to your brand, prepare a visual showing your logo on the product and send you the design proofs to approve before printing.

4. Receive Branded Items

Your new branded gear will arrive.

Choose Your Bags

Reusable bags are becoming more and more popular and a cotton shopper is a must have for any trip to the shops these days whereas drawstring bags are ideal for school PE kits or for putting gym gear in.  Not only does a reusable bag save the user money, it conveys an environmentally friendly image. Branded reusable bags are a great way to promote your brand as they are great value and are used repeatedly.

When we look at the number of times your brand will be exposed on a bag and compare this to the relatively low cost of the bag then these work out as one of the best value marketing tools you can choose. Bags are so versatile that anyone can use them and there is a style that suits any purpose whether that be shopping, carrying packed lunches, PE kits or school work among other things.

People need an alternative now that the use of plastic carrier bags is sternly discouraged so why not do your bit for the environment while making the most of the opportunity to have people carrying and displaying your brand for the world to see. Our cotton shoppers and drawstring bags do not tear, stretch and rip the way plastic and paper bags do and they are very light and easy to transport and store. We can print your logo and any other details on our bags to make a really eye catching statement that will be noticed as the bag is carried about. Bags are the perfect gift to hand out at trade shows as any other brochures etc from competitors will be put inside and your brand will remain on display.