The 2019 Sign and Digital UK Exhibition takes place at Birmingham’s NEC this month and with hundreds of exhibitors showcasing a vast array of products from leading brands, Sign & Digital UK is the place to be if you want to see the latest developments from the signage, print, display, decor, and design sectors.

Part of this exhibition focusses on personalised gifts and offers some great information on this market.

The market for branded gifts is going from strength to strength and in the UK the market is now worth more than £1 billion annually and in Europe this extends to between £6 and £7 billion as high street retailers, online shops and bespoke specialists along with major brands welcome the opportunity to add more personalised options to their ranges. The digital age that we all now live in has made it easier for the consumer to access more information and have more choice than ever when it comes to options available to them. Social networking is in our pockets and now a part of everyday life meaning we are increasingly influenced and want to be seen as influencers to our own clients. Now more than ever before we know what we want and when and where we want it but at the same time we don’t want to be the same as everybody else. Customers are looking for a product that is unique to them, that will make them stand out from their competitors. It’s not difficult to search for branded promotional items and place an order for branded gifts, with pens, bottle openers, cups and bags being the most popular of items, but how can you ensure that you are giving your client something that sets your brand apart from all the rest?

With modern digital printing techniques such as UV printing, dye sublimation transfer printing, direct-to-garment t-shirt printing, and digital embroidery, almost anything can be achieved and there is so much choice in terms of style, colour, scaling and layout. It is worth taking the time to get things right with your design and then the work pays off for repeat orders as these are easy and straightforward from then on.

There are many methods used in branding and one of the most versatile and effective ones is Dye Sublimation but what does this mean?

The technique behind dye sublimation printing is the chemical process of sublimation which is where a solid turns directly into a gas without going through the liquids stage. Dye particles are turned into vapour under heat and then when they return to a solid stare they become one with any polymer molecules that are found present within the item you wish to decorate. This effectively means that anything you print on the dye sublimation transfer paper will become one with the btl branding promotional products marketingsurface of the item that you’re sublimating. This is all achieved by heat pressing the printed dye sublimation to the blank surface at around 180 – 200 degrees Celsius. This method of printing can be applied to the following surfaces: glass, wood, ceramics (mugs etc), metal (aluminium water bottles, travel mugs, medals, trophies, key rings, compact mirrors, bottle openers) and fabric.

At BTL Branding we are pleased to offer this type of printing on our mugs and also on our lanyard bundles (need hyperlinks and images for these new bundles). btl branding promotional product marketing promo Our mugs are printed using one of 3 methods that will best suit your individual artwork. The methods are Direct Screen Printing, Transfer Printing and Dye Sublimation Printing. The first method is used for simple designs, Transfer Printing is for more intricate designs where printing is through a screen on to specialised paper which is coated and applied by hand to the mug. Dye Sublimation uses a wide range of coloured dyes and gives a bright and glossy finish which is best for photographic designs.btl branding promotional products branded

In terms of our Lanyard Bundle the possibilities are endless, not only are our branded lanyards made from various fabrics, they can also be printed using direct spot colour printing for simple logos or designs or dye sublimation printing where the entire length and width of the lanyard is printed in a full-colour detailed design on both sides of the lanyard to achieve a truly eye-catching result.

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